The next meeting of the Houston Town Council is scheduled for Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 7:30 PM.

If you plan to attend note that masks are required and please practice social distancing (6' separation)

The meeting will be held in the rental hall of the Houston Volunteer Fire Company

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PO Box 196
Houston, DE  19954
Town of
Incorporated March 26, 1913
Pages 695 - 706
2018 - 2019 
Budget - Chapter 175 Fees

Adopted 06/07/18
Ordinance 18-01
Bids for town Services  

On Thursday June 06, 2019 the Town of Houston will accept bids for the following services:

Grass Mowing for the Town property and property maintenance violations.

Snow Removal, approximately 3 miles of town and state maintained roads.

Trash and Recycle collection services including new containers for both services.

Chapter 400 Property Maintenance  

Grass height within the Town Limits is (6”) six inches max.. 

Tree height, if overhangs:
A sidewalk should be maintained to a minimum height of 10’ (ten feet). 
A street should be maintained to a minimum height of 14’ (fourteen feet). 

Detrimental (harmful, unfavorable) objects or materials are also a problem. 

The Town will post properties in violation of the above, then if no action is taken within the allotted time of the posting, the Town will take action. The property owner will be charged per violation. Chapter 175 Fees list the Violation Charges, Administrative fees, and/or Professional Fees for all Chapter 400 violations.